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Band Name
Musical Style
Punk Rock
The Clash, Descendents, Nirvana, Operation Ivy, Pixies, The Pogues, Screeching Weasel, Stiff Little Fingers, Social Distortion
Home Town
Seattle, Washington
Gift of the Sun (2009)
The Missionary (2007)
Cobra Commander (2006)
Lies, Fear, and Hate (2005)
Sterilize the Poor in Spirit (2003)
Band Members
Justin Ludwig - Vocals, Guitar
Todd Weaver - Bass
Robert Baker - Drums
Key Stats
Formed in 2002
Performed over 180 shows
on tours spanning 7 states/provinces (AK, AB, BC, CA, OR, NV, WA)
Played on over 150 college/alt radio stations
Featured on 1 movie soundtrack (Collin O'Kelly's Punk Girl)
Contact Information


It's almost been a decade since the Seattle-based punk trio Autonomadic first formed, but they're rocking harder now than ever. At the end of 2009 the indie label Bleeding Ear released the band's newest album, Gift of the Sun. This twenty-track scorcher retains Autonomadic's old-school SoCal-punk spirit, but updates their gritty sound with creamier guitar tones and richer backing harmonies.

Autonomadic's latest album Gift of the Sun is loaded with catchy hooks and provoking lyrics. It will start hammering away at you from the very first track, "Burn," with its infectious Oi-style chorus. Next, the fierce burst of angst from "Discordia" will knock you clean over. Then the poppy "Blood & Guts" will bounce in, to sweep up the wreckage; and you'll be hooked until the dying strains of the bittersweet anthem "Postcards," on track twenty.

The trio first established their punk-rock swagger back in 2003 with a self-released EP, Sterilize the Poor in Spirit. Over the next two years Autonomadic toured like bandits up and down the West Coast, from Anchorage, Alaska to Orange County, California; from Edmonton, Alberta to Reno, Nevada. Finally they paused in 2005 to record a full-length album, Lies, Fear, & Hate.

But then the band's original drummer, Chad Schultz, quit, burnt out from the late nights and long drives. The two remaining members, guitarist Justin Ludwig and bassist Todd Weaver, spent months searching for the right replacement. They found him in musical prodigy Robert Baker, who was just seventeen at the time.

Slowly Autonomadic got back up to speed with their new drummer, recording a fiery seven-song EP, The Missionary, in 2007. Then the band took a year off to deal with some personal issues. In the fall of 2008 the trio got back together, and began working furiously on new material — the results of which would become Gift of the Sun. Now they're back in action, playing shows in Seattle, and continuing to tour.


On Autonomadic's live performances:
Songs like "Pigtails" ... and "Everything" are unpolished punk rock gems. Short, slurred songs with solid rhythms and memorable choruses kinda got stuck in [your] head and left the kids in Anchorage wanting more.

AK Ink, Issue 13

On Gift of the Sun:
This CD is loaded with all sorts of tasty treats, catchy hooks and good lyrics. Track 1 "Burn" reminds me a lot of the Swingin Utters with its OI style chorus. "Discordia" will slay you[;] and if you like pop punk "Blood and Guts" will win you over. A good CD and well worth buying.

Ginger Coyote, Punk Globe, June '10

This is a real treat. I love this album. And why wouldn't I? Label quality independent street-punk in the vein of acts like Rancid with a touch of Oi!

Cole Faulkner,, 3/31/10

If Rancid and Social Distortion had a baby, it would likely sound like Autonomadic. 20 punk tracks meld Rancid's Let's Go peppiness with Social D's tatted-up swagger.

Adam Coozer, Read Junk, 12/7/09

On The Missionary:
Autonomadic play a style of punk music that is catchy as all get out.... "The Missionary" is pure streetpunk, and the sub-two-minute track sets the stage for the rest of the disc.... During "Nothing", the hints of brooding emotionality present in the instrumentation give Autonomadic a depth that few bands can actually achieve on an LP, much less a seven-song EP.... It may be "Funny Farm" that distinguishes the band from all the other acts currently out in the scene. The pit-worthy chorus is reminiscent of The Pissants and I Live With Zombies.... If you are a fan of any style of punk music, Autonomadic is an act that you have to search out.

James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine, 1/17/08

This is great disc, but a tad too short for my liking. The music seems to land somewhere in between gruff, yet earnest melodic punk coming out of the San Diego area and the pseudo-political punk from the East Bay in the early '90s.... I'd really like to check out some more by these guys.

Ty Stranglehold, Razorcake, 12/21/07

Seven tracks of socially-aware old-school punk-rock swagger. They rage against complacency, corporations, institutions and assholes [—] all to a four-four beat.

Jerry Actually, Upstarter, 9/11/07

On Cobra Commander:
A welcome surprise. Their five-song EP comes in and takes no prisoners in its roughly 11-minute spin through my player. Crashing cymbals, almost a ska rhythm and somehow British sounding punk-esque vocals remind me of late seventies and early eighties punk[,] back when punk was fun to listen to.

William Alexander, Enigma Magazine, 11/30/06

On Lies, Fear, & Hate:
First class punk rock. The album is almost comparable to the great Never Mind the Bollocks.... Lies, Fear and Hate is filled with 20 scathing, energy driven punk rock songs, with a hint of underground grunge that will blow you away. This trio of Justin, Todd and Baker capture a sense of raw and punk energy that's hard to spot in bands today.

Valerie, FrostClick, 8/30/10

On Sterilize the Poor In Spirit:
Autonomadic's gritty EP Sterilize the Poor in Spirit harks back to a time when punk was just rock. They pay homage to heroes like Social Distortion and Hüsker Dü, playing simple, meaningful tunes.

Phil Duperron, Vue Weekly, 5/26/04

Sounding like an American Joe Strummer and with lyrics which are often just as indecipherable[,] this upbeat EP is reminiscent of early Clash.

Katie Chuter, Dripfed, 5/06/04

The album is the incarnation of watered down power-pop with an overdriven punk sound. Fender guitar, cabs, bass and the basic drum set. Think about hanging out in your garage for two years and coming out with the perfect feel. These guys are the band the neighbors don't want to have move in.

H-Bomb, Seattlepunk, Nov '03


Gift of the Sun (September 2009)
Album Cover
  1. Burn (lyrics)
  2. Discordia (lyrics)
  3. Blood & Guts (lyrics)
  4. Cup of Gold
  5. No Child Left Behind
  6. Gift of the Sun
  7. Hatchet Wound
  8. Long Way Home
  9. Remote Control
  10. Deadbeat
  11. Brave New World
  12. A Hundred Lives
  13. Mikey
  14. Freedom is Slavery
  15. Malibu Dream House
  16. Garbage Buffet
  17. Duke of Earl
  18. The Goat Sucker
  19. Black Hole
  20. Postcards

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